Reverse Dial

Dial Indicator Concepts: Live Readings with a Dial Indicator

VibrAlign shares a powerful tip, showing how to use dial indicators to read shaft offsets live in real time. Live readings, along with the Validity Rule, make VibrAlign’s Verti-Zontal Compound Move shaft alignment technique possible. Verti-Zontal saves time and effort, making alignments possible in just one or two moves in most instances.

Fixturlaser Dials App Features

The free Fixturlaser Dials app has a range of features to make shaft alignments with dial indicators quick, easy and more accurate. For more information and for links to the App Store and Google Play downloads go to

Announcing Fixturlaser Dials Free App

The new Fixturlaser Dials app guides the user through the dial indicator shaft alignment process. Best of all the app does all the math. The app uses the Verti-Zontal Compound Move method created by VibrAlign, which requires just 180 degrees of rotation and uses live dial indicator readings to find precise alignment. The app is free […]